Hexagram #7

Hexagram 7Hexagram #7 is called “The Army” or “Legions”.  Visually, it follows the previous hexagram by converting the upper trigram to its opposite, The Receptive, and leaving the lower trigram unchanged.  Symbolically, whenever there is an argument or conflict, crowds of people (legions) are likely to show up.

The main idea behind this hexagram is one of order.  Armies are very ordered things, with ranks of soldiers that are led by well-trained officers.  This hexagram counsels us to put things in their proper place, and to have a disciplined spirit about ourselves.  It reminds us that the true function of an army lies not in conquering, but in serving the people and defending those who cannot defend themselves.  This carries the idea of a certain humility.  It also suggests that enlisting the help of experienced people will be beneficial to your situation.

The two trigrams that make up this hexagram are The Receptive over Water.  This carries the idea of service.  The interior hexagram is #24, Returning, implying a return to the Source of energy.

The changing lines of this hexagram address different areas of interest.  The first line says that the army needs regulations that do not work against its cause.  The second line says that the leader’s place is among his army.  The third line cautions that something from the past may be working against the army’s cause.  The forth line counsels us that the army disengages, but this is not a mistake.  The fifth line counsels against a danger, and that the proper way to act is by leading the army forward, and not getting caught in something from the past.  The sixth line advises to hold the course and play the long game.

If you were to receive this hexagram in answer to a question, it would overall be a favorable one, with a few cautions about not getting hung up in what has been in the past.



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