Hexagram #3

Hexagram 3This hexagram is called “sprouting” or “difficulty at the beginning”.  The image is one of a young plant beginning to push its way through the earth, and it is the third hexagram because it is the logical result of the union of heaven and earth.  Rain and sunlight come from the heaven to the earth, causing the seed to sprout forth – hence the name, sprouting.

But all beginnings are messy, and this is no exception.  This is why the other common name for the hexagram is “difficulty at the beginning”.  The sprout has to struggle to break through the earth into the air.  It takes a fair amount of energy.  So it is with us, and our new beginnings.  Throwing this image would signal and new time and new growth, with all the struggles that potentially come with it.  It would caution us to rouse ourselves for the task ahead, and to embrace the chaos that comes with a beginning.

The upper and lower trigrams, along with the interior hexagram, all point to ending an old cycle and beginning a new one, stripping away what is no longer useful to us.

The changing lines all point to various forms of difficulties that might be encountered in this new beginning, and how to adjust to them.  Difficulty at the beginning should be met with he help of others.  An easy solution may present unwanted obligations.  Darkness distorts the vision, do not try to force things.  Negative emotions may tempt you to abandon the efforts; do not give in.

This is a very positive hexagram, with a strong encouragement to install helpers to ease the way.

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