At this point in learning the form, I wrote an entry in my journal about changes I had noticed unfolding for me.  I want to share part of that here.

Once the initial frustration with the moves had passed, I began to really notice this interior stillness.   After class, I would turn off the music in my car on the way home.  I didn’t have anything on in the background when I was at home, just for noise.   And the weirdest thing was that I stopped talking to just about everyone for several weeks.  After the phase of time when I was craving the stillness, there came a plateau where I couldn’t seem to get mentally still anymore, and the form didn’t have anything special about it.  Then, just recently, I’ve entered a new phase that I liken to being a kid in a candy store.  I’ve discovered the wonders of Chi.  It’s awesome.  I just want to run around and see where I can feel it and what I can do with it.  Unfortunately, I might be playing a little too much.  There’s this thing called sleep that I keep shorting myself on because I’ll go outside and play around with the form late at night.  It’s all so wonderful, all these new and interesting sensations, and the energy itself is unbelievable.  

I smile when I read back over this.  Life is all about cycles.  Things change, and people change.  This entry was about part of a cycle.  It’s not static, any more than the movements are static.  I have long since passed out of this part of the cycle, and have passed through many more cycles.  But I did, a couple of months after I resumed practice, pass through another cycle of energy like what is described here.  Whether it’s related or not, I can’t say.

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