A Memory

When I was reviewing this lesson, what really caught my eye was my journal entry for the day.  I took the class a semester before the semester that Ruby decided to record them all, so I have slightly different information than what is in the recordings.  And in my entry, I wrote down a story Ruby had told because it really stuck with me, and I didn’t want to forget it.  I actually remembered it all this time without re-reading about it, but I was happy to see it in my journal.

Once upon a time, Ruby worked in a psychiatric facility.  There was one patient there who was a young man and would frequently be so wound up that he couldn’t sleep.  One day they apparently sent Ruby in there to calm him.  Ruby had the young man lie in bed with legs bent and his feet firmly on the bed.  Ruby had him put his hands on his belly, and then Ruby put his left hand over the young man’s hands.  Ruby said that he guided the excess chi out of the young man’s body, and that the young man was able to fall asleep.

Hearing this story completely blew my mind.  It’s such a lovely and moving mental image.  I want to have experiences like that.  I want to re-discover the flow of Chi and play with it and see what I can do with it.  I can feel energy flowing under certain conditions, but it never lasts long.

It all holds such a sense of wonder for me.


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