Yield to Succeed

The softest of all things overrides the hardest of all things.

Only Nothing can enter no-space.

Hence I know the advantages of Non-Ado.

Few things under heaven are as instructive as the lessons of Silence, or as beneficial as the fruits of Non-Ado.

-Tao te Ching, #43

Only in silence and stillness can we become one with the Tao.  When we surround Single Whipourselves with noise, we put up a wall that separates us from ourselves.  When we are acting and not still, we are inevitably trying to control what we cannot.  We are all caught up in the great river of the Tao, even if we are not aware of it.  You cannot stop a river from flowing forever.  Put something in its path, and it will either divert around the object, or – in time – plow right through it.  All of our petty attempts to control amount to little more than trying to swim against the stream…we get nowhere, and exhaust ourselves in the process.  Would it not be better to lie back and float along?  Would it not be better to work with the river and harness the power contained within it?  The old mills that used water to turn turbines did so not by obstructing the flow of water, but by joining the flow and letting the water be true to its nature, which in turn powered the mill.

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