Hexagram #1

The first hexagram in the I Ching is commonly called "The Creative".  Stephen Karcher refers to it as "Force".  I don't feel particularly drawn to the latter, so I will also refer to it as "The Creative". I find it intriguing that they began the Oracle with this particular hexagram, all yang (strong) lines.  It... Continue Reading →

My Journey with the I Ching

I was first introduced to the I Ching in Spring of 2005, when I took a continuing education class about it.  It was my first time even hearing about such a thing, and the idea intrigued me, so I signed up for the class.  It was the first class I took with my teacher, before... Continue Reading →

Life Intervenes

I am beginning the process of moving to a new home, so I won't be posting a blog entry for  about the next 3 weeks.  Once I'm settled in my new place, I will return.  Ta ta for now.

Well Strung Together

A recurring theme of Ruby's through his Tai Chi class was the notion of being "well strung  together".  The hand would move the foot or the foot would fold the hand, or some combination of movements that went together in the form.  What did it mean, though, to be "well strung together"? I think we... Continue Reading →

The Farther you go….

Without going out of your door, you can know the ways of the world.  Without peeping through your window, you can see the Way of Heaven.  The farther you go, the less you know. Thus, the Sage knows without traveling, sees without looking, and achieves without ado. -Tao te Ching, #47 The only thing that... Continue Reading →


Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly;  All your life you were only waiting for this moment to arise.                                                    Blackbird singing in... Continue Reading →

Of Needles and Fans

At this point in the class, we're past the physically demanding part of the form and moving into the coordinationally (is that even a word?) part of the form.  Our moves:  Needle to the Bottom of the Sea, Fan through the Back. Returning to both of these, it's interesting to compare what I can (or... Continue Reading →


There is an idea expressed in both the Tao te Ching and the I Ching that the way to power is through humility.  Ruby liked to explain this in terms of corporate paradigms.  The usual paradigm is that the powerful are on top and the actual workers underneath.   The I Ching would say that this... Continue Reading →

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